Hello. I am Valerie Richards, the founder and author of “I Am DEFINED BY ME” and here is my story.

As long as I can remember my biggest desire in life was to discover and fulfill my purpose.  For many years I was afraid that I would die without ever discovering it or worse that maybe I didn’t even have one.  I knew what my skills and talents were but they didn’t give me the passion and purpose I was looking for.  I was in awe of people like Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Nichols and how they used their lives to help so many others.  All I wanted to do was to be able to touch people in the same way.  But how?

Now I am “over 40”, a divorced mother of 3 and new grandmother of 1 feeling like it’s time to start figuring out why I am here.  Over the past year I have poured myself into self-help motivational books, daily meditation and introspection. Along the way I discovered a new story was just beginning for me.  I realized I had defined myself by what I perceived to be my inadequacies as opposed to my strengths and who God created me to be.  So in an effort to help myself I chose to also help others through sharing my story, my message and my purpose, hence the birth of “I Am DEFINED BY ME”.

– Valerie Richards